So you have a passion. You create things. You pour your heart and soul into making things that can make others happy. And now you would like to turn that passion into a profit. Maybe you want to make some extra income to support your family. Or have some extra money to go to that vacation you always dreamed of. Or maybe you just simply want to be able to get some more supplies so you can continue to do what you love doing – create! But how to do this?

Do words like marketing, selling, accounting, contract or invoice make you shiver? Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about selling something? Don’t worry – we at Five Turtles will wear a business hat so you can keep your creative hat on. You be creative and let us do the rest. How does it work? We will take your products to local stores and online. We will promote them and sell them for you. We will take care of numbers, contracts, legal issues and invoices. You just keep doing what you love doing the most!

The best part – it’s all easy and totally risk free. We will meet with you and if we feel your products will fit our audience – we will just start selling them for you. If that works out – great– you will just get a check! If not – there is nothing you can loose. There is no fees on your part.

We are committed to fair pricing and making things as easy as possible for you Рso you can keep your handcrafted business fun and profitable.

Contact us today at 501-291-1282 for more information and to set up an appointment.


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